Grant Application Tips 2 - Free guide shows you
how to easily win small business grants.



Grant Application Tips 2


• Keep your text as brief as possible. Long sentences will do nothing to help you so always try to keep it short.

• Clearly state what the problem with your finances and your solution is. You want to anticipate all the questions that you will be asked and answer them.

• Try to credit other people in the field where this would fit. Do not take credit for other people’s ideas.

• Don’t leave out important information (e.g. budget justifications, vitae, etc) Doing this will make things a lot more complicated.

• Don’t inflate the budget in order to get more money because they will probably be expecting this and looking for it.

• Try to visit your own grants office in order to help ensure that all the needed forms are prepared before the proposal is sent to the Government.

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