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Grant Advisors and Consultants

Grant consultants and advisors are a great resource for assisting you in obtaining your grant if you find that you might indeed require them. They can be sometimes fraudulent too however, so it is always best to find one with a track record which is well proven. There are a few tips that you should consider before using one, and this section will try to take a look at those.

The first point that you might want to realize is that when you apply for public money it is your company and your project that will be put under the microscope. There can be no better ambassador for your cause than you and/or your friends and acquaintances. Bearing this in mind, common sense says that you are better off if you do it on your own.

Nevertheless, there are some occasions where help can indeed be useful and they can be found in:

a) Identifying Schemes
This is the hardest aspect of everything that you have to deal with without help, since it is quite necessary to devote a good deal of time and resource to researching schemes.

It is also quite smart for you to use others in order to help in the identification process, because in order to subscribe to a reputable information service which is easy to find on an on-going basis, you can always check on the current and up to date situation as and when different potential projects might arise in your business.

b) Applying for Grants
If you are attempting to apply for a very large grant and the awarding body is particularly rare and bureaucratic, or the information required needs a technical expertise, you don’t have, then it can help to appoint a consultant. In the majority of circumstances, nevertheless, the cost of consultancy will probably exceed its usefulness.

In general, the history of grants consultancy is not a very good one. Many so-called experts have proved to be nothing more than opportunists who tend to make false promises just so that they take fees from clients who have been ultimately left with nothing but a failed grant application.

If you do decide to appoint consultants or advisers, try to examine their track record and verify their claims before you make a binding commitment with them.

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