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Business Plan Sample 7



The Company will be managed by the two founding partners, whose individual areas of expertise are able to cover many of the functional aspects of the business. Tom Peterson will serve as the President of the Company, and will be responsible for Product Selection and Sales & Marketing. Nancy Peterson will be the Vice President, in charge of Administration. She will be responsible for customer service, accounting, shipping and the general business administration.

Tom Peterson has a long history of experience in the Toy Business and specifically in Kites. For many years he grew the Kite business at Ocean Gifts and Toys in Los Angeles into one of the largest and most profitable and exciting places in the country. Tom has several industry contacts and an in-depth knowledge of the kite and toy business. For further details, try to see Tom's resume.

Nancy Peterson directed a staff of twelve as the manager of customer service for LA Selections, a major local jobber of novelty goods. She has also held a wide variety of other inside business and operations positions. See Nancy's resume for further details.


The organizational structure is very simple. The independent commissioned reps will report to Tom Peterson. And support staff at the office and warehouse will report to Nancy. Due to the fact that Tom will frequently go on buying trips to the Far East or be on the road selling, Nancy will be able to support any day-to-day requirements that the reps might have. Nevertheless, even when Tom is on the road he will be in constant touch via phone or computer.


In order to deliver some high quality, personalized service we will carefully select all employees--especially sales reps and customer service representatives who deal directly with customers. Currently, Tom is interviewing candidates for sales reps. We will carefully review references not from past employers or manufacturers but from retailers whom these sales reps have served. We will also ensure that each employee understands our way of delivering quality service to each customer. We will have an immediate back-up support available by phone from our office for more difficult service issues. And we will provide employees with sufficient latitude so that they can respond immediately to almost all customer requests or complaints, which in this industry usually implies granting prompt credit for damaged merchandise.

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