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Business Plan Sample 6


We intend to have a small advertising budget, which will be devoted exclusively to trade publications designed to reach buyers and owners of upscale independent shops. The objective of our trade advertising will be limited to reinforcing the image of our company and the excitement of stocking upscale kites. All ads will be four-color and between 1/4 and 1/8 page in size. Each ad will feature our logo prominently and a bright, colorful, changing display of upscale kites.

We will also work together with our retailers in order to obtain some co-op advertising funds for their own local advertising. Currently, very little co-op money is being provided by kite manufacturers, but we believe that we can make more funds available especially if we work together with a US ad agency in order to develop effective advertising layouts and copy that our retailers could make use of.


Our publicity effort will be three fold. For one we will send news releases to trade magazines in order to try to get product or company feature coverage in front of the eyes of retailers. Second we will produce a few generic press releases regarding kites that our retailers can make use of in order to try to obtain publicity coverage for their stores in local publications. Thirdly, we shall have a quarterly newsletter for retailers that we are currently serving or hope to be serving. We anticipate sending 1,000 copies of the news release out our first year and gradually increasing to 2,000 copies by our third year. In the newsletter we will highlight not just our products, but also attempt to display ideas and success stories of shops which increased their sales in kites.


We will have a small booth or table top display at four national conventions each year, including the National Toy Show in February in New York, The Toy and Hobby Show in April in Toronto, The International Gift Show in Las Vegas and the West Coast Toy and Gift Fair in May. We will place emphasis not just on our products but on the custom-built displays that we are producing for retailers.

We will also try to provide some limited funds for display space for our independent reps at regional trade shows that they attend. In a more usual manner, we will pay for one table top display.

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