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Business Plan Sample 5



The philosophy underlying our selection of products has been to select lines of products that will bring excitement, surprise and satisfaction to all the demanding higher end customers. We personally tend to test each individual product. Special attention is given to ease of assembly, durability, and the general overall attraction.

We prefer to select lines that we can represent in an exclusive manner, but due to our first priority being on representing top-of-the-line merchandise, we have agreed to take on two leading lines on a basis which is non-exclusive.

A more complete draft copy of our first catalog detailing our initial product lines and products will be available upon request.

Another significant component of our business is not just in our products but also in our services.

Below are a few of the important service elements that we offer:
-Stocking of all products offered in our West Coast warehouse, avoiding long waits to fulfill overseas orders.
-Detailed advice on inventory planning and sales forecasting for individual shops.
-Display fixtures custom built to fit the customer’s requirements.
-Full possibility to return any defective products.
-Coordination of co-operative advertising programs with manufacturers.


Our intention is to position our business not just as a distributor of products, but as a partner bringing a high level of service to the shops that we enter into business with.
We will work with stores through merchandise selection and display options to significantly increase the sales and profitability of their kite business. Through this we expect to develop a strong loyalty amongst our customers.



Our basic strategy for marketing is to function with our retailers on a one-to-one basis in order to develop unique marketing programs for them. Especially because we want to develop close working relationships with our customers, we would like to establish accounts in an as personal a way as possible too. Therefore, we will overwhelmingly place emphasis on in-person sales calls in order to build accounts.

We will integrate all of our marketing and sales efforts in order to project a consistent image of our company and a consistent positioning of our products or services. We will attempt to construct this image around our name "Rainbow Kites, Inc." and will emphasize to retailers the incredible color and excitement that a well-done display of top quality kites can adjoin to their store.

Though we will attend some trade shows and produce a color catalog, these marketing initiatives will be seen as supporting, and not competing with our independent sales representatives.


Our first method of sales is with face-to-face selling by independent reps. A particularly important aspect of our sales process is that we will fly all of our independent reps to our West Coast office to extensively train them in the details of the product line, in building displays, and in building a bigger kite business for our customers.
We will further insist that our independent reps represent only non-competing, non-kite lines. We will stay in close phone contact with our reps in addition to having sales meetings with them at least four times per year, usually at major trade shows.
We will pay our reps on a "ledger" basis, giving them commission on all sales in their exclusive territories even if the account phoned the order in to our main office in a direct manner.  

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