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Business Plan Sample 3


The most basic need of target retail customers is to differentiate their store from mass market stores and attempt to give customers a reason for shopping at their store and paying significant premiums for their products instead of getting a low-end product at a discount department store.

These shops truly value stocking a line that isn’t sold at mass market accounts. They also tend to appreciate dealing with an importer who is more committed to specialty stores exclusively, and not to any mass market accounts.


In most cases, the buying decision is almost always made at an in-person sales presentation. The personal touch appears to be most essential for moving buyers to action for this product because at this high end, retailers are very demanding about the product quality being stocked in their shops. They maintain upon seeing finished products, and not just mock-ups or catalog pages. Some purchases are made at trade shows, but only at a minimum percentage.



Throughout the US and Canada there are many firms that tend to distribute kites. The vast majority nevertheless distribute only one or two low end kites as a very small part of their overall business of distribution.
There are many distribution firms that tend to offer between a dozen and as many as one hundred kite products. These firms represent many different products and the sale of kites represents a very small fraction of their business. These firms also cater to a wide variety of outlets, mass merchant accounts included.


The major modifications in the kite industry over the last few years has been the concentration of lower end kite sales in mass market accounts, together with a strengthening market for higher end kites in upscale specialty accounts.

Current distributors representing larger kite product lines whilst still selling to a wide variety of outlets, have tended to focus most of their efforts towards selling lower end products to mass market type accounts--where their revenue is a lot bigger.


Though the competition is well-established in, and gives lots of focus to, current major markets for this product, they are pursuing the higher end kite markets much less aggressively. This market offers amazing potential because it has significant growth potential, and the competition isn’t well-entrenched here. Further, this market tends to differ from the other markets in several important ways. Though this market might not be the largest, it nevertheless appears to be a very solid opportunity for a newer competitor.


Due to the fact that we are a small firm, we don’t anticipate a meaningful or prompt reaction to our market entrance from our larger and more established competitors. We think that a strong reaction from existing distribution firms is particularly unlikely due to the fact that the primary competitors will derive only a very small percentage of their business from kite sales, and even that revenue will be largely from mass market accounts that we plan to be avoiding. Nevertheless, we have developed certain contingency plans for certain reactions that competitors might make. If a competitor tends to lower his prices on the exact same product we are offering, we will attempts to match their price on that product. But we intend as much as we can to place emphasis on products that our competitors haven’t been selling to start off with.

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